OG Committee

The Old Giggleswickian Committee exists to manage the affairs of The OG Club. We meet each term and work closely with the Development Office and the school to ensure that the interests of all OGs are best served by our events and communications. New members are always welcome, if you are interested in joining us on the committee please contact Tamara Ratcliffe.



Mark Ehlinger, Carr 1975


Immediate Past President

Richard Warburton, Morrison 1977


Honorary Treasurer

Dina Pejcinovic, Nowell 1984


Honorary Secretary

Tamara Ratcliffe, Style 2000



Neil Ratcliffe, Paley 1994


Alumni and Community Relations Officer

James Bellis



Bob Barker, Shute 1963

Isabel Beanlands (nee Marshall), Carr 2007

Bob Drake, Paley 1964

Chris Harwood, Carr 1971

Nick Jefferies, Carr 1970

Phoebe Lebrecht, Style 2008

Hugh Massey, Carr 1970

Sally Swires (nee Coates), Style 2004

Mark Turnbull, Headmaster