Annual Fund 2019/20 - Exceptional Experiences

The purpose of the Annual Fund is to provide an additional revenue stream allowing the normal activities of the school to be augmented and enhanced in such a way that school fee income cannot properly service. 


It provides those essential “extras” which set our daily life and curriculum apart, benefitting future generations of pupils through the projects that are funded.


The Annual Fund is a great way to support small to medium scale projects which will have an immediate impact on the lives of our current and future pupils.


Over the years, OGs, parents and friends have been wonderfully generous in their support of the Annual Fund.  These projects have been carefully chosen because they support each pupil in becoming a true Giggleswick Learner: curious, skilled, aware, creative, pro-active, passionate, resilient, assured.


Following consultation with all departments within the School, we are pleased to confirm that this year, through the Annual Fund we hope to provide:

Accordion Set up of New Gardening Club - £2,600.00
A scheme to get young people away from their screens, growing organic produce.
Equipment needed; Polytunnel, wood to make raised beds, compost, gardening tools, plant plugs and water butt and irrigation system.
To create environmental awareness and stimulate mental well-being.
We would grow organically and bring the produce to school. From here, we would hope to engage more helpers to run an ‘allotment to plate’ café, with all profits ploughed back in, buying seeds for the next year.
Accordion A Professional-Standard Dance Floor for the New Dance Studio - £13,000.00
The provision of a professional-standard dance floor will enable Giggleswick to offer dance as a serious co-curricular activity to students, attracting both current and potential new students to the beauty of dance.
The dance floor will enable dancers to avoid repetitive strain injuries and muscle fatigue, whilst protecting them from the dangers of slips and serious injuries.
Accordion Plasma Cutter - £2,200.00 & Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Welder - £2,000.00
Opportunity to work with aluminium, stainless steel and titanium to produce items using commercial techniques.
The equipment will particularly benefit A Level Art, Design and EPQ students.
This equipment is commonplace in both Universities and in industry, but only in a few exceptionally well-resourced school departments.
This would enable pupils to produce products using commercial techniques in a wider variety of materials.
Accordion CCF New Radios and Equipment - £1,500.00
CCF is an important section of School life at Giggleswick and many OGs will have fond memories of taking part in weekly training and exercises.
The CCF has been unable to deliver any form of radio communication training for over 10 years. Communication skills and the need for voice protocol and manners are an essential part of using radios as a formal method of communication. Voice procedure and coordination of activities such as exercises and fieldcraft would be significantly enhanced by the re-introduction of such training.
Accordion Mountain Bike Trailer - £1,068.00
Giggleswick School has a long tradition of providing Outdoor Pursuits for its pupils and no OG will forget taking part in the annual Scarrig fell race.
In more recent years the School has created a purpose built 1.2km mountain bike track in Ghyll Field.  With the interest in mountain biking rising, the School regularly attends events away from the School and the transportation of the bikes can be an issue.  The School would therefore like to purchase an 8-bike trailer to transport the bikes safely and securely.
Accordion Silk Screening Equipment for the Art Department - £640.00
This will be used to enhance academic work in both Fine Art and Design, as well as in wider school areas where silk screening could be used in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
The silk screen mesh has a long-term life of approx. ten years’ usage. During this time it will offer numerous benefits - building on our links with Bristol University in honing this genre of printmaking and establishing greater links between Art and Design in this way, particularly as part of the Cambridge PreU course, which now facilitates Art and Design working more closely together; as well as for GCSE and A level.
Accordion Mobile Technology for Mill House Nursery - £810.00
Interactive, mobile technology to create a unique and dynamic enhanced Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum.
The students will be able to interact with a wide variety of online software, and teacher led activities, without compromising accessibility.
The children will be able to engage with the ever-increasing array of educational apps, clips and software that will excite, encourage and challenge children. 
The mobile nature of the tablets allows for the learning to take place anywhere, indoors, outdoors, on a trip, on a Welly Walk, allowing the staff to target and personalise learning to individual’s needs.
Accordion Honours Board for the Paley Society - £565.00
This year has seen the formation of the Paley Society, made up of the academic Scholars in Year 9, 10 and 11. The first Senior Paley Scholar was appointed in summer 2019 and the School would like to purchase an Honours Board.
In the same way as we celebrate achievement in sport or the arts, The Paley Society was set up to support, enrich and develop our most academic students in their key developmental period of years 9 to 11.
Accordion Junior School Re-development of Outdoor Space - £5,940.00
A desire to create areas for students who do not wish to participate in sports activities at break times and may wish to have more quiet, mindful activities. Areas to be designed for pupils who want to sit, chat, read, draw or just enjoy a quieter space.  Pupils can find it difficult to find a suitable area at present; this would create an ideal space for ‘playground buddies’ to provide support to pupils.
The Junior School have a large number of librarians, all very keen to promote reading; there would be space to offer an ‘outdoor library’ and a space to share a story.
Many of the pupils are increasingly aware of the environment and are keen to help improve it. The creation of a new space would create areas that provide bee, insect and bird friendly planting, that could be maintained by the children, further developing their knowledge and skills.
Accordion Landscaping Development of the Flat - £15,000 (3 year plan of £5,000 per year)
The development of the Flat will create an outdoor space central to the School which can be used by everyone within the School.  The traffic free environment will become a usable space with seating areas, whilst still allowing sufficient room for CCF parades.

For further information please contact the Development Office by email, or phone on 01729 893038, to discuss how you can help.