Bursary Fund

Giggleswick School’s history is one steeped in philanthropy.  The Giggleswick Foundation’s mission remains as true today as it did for chantry priest James Carr over 500 years ago and our strategic aims include provision of the widest access to the school. Donations from Old Giggleswickians, parents and staff have helped to provide bursaries for children throughout our history, from the time of John Nowell and King Edward VI.  They enable us today to offer an educational opportunity that is ever more costly. 


The persons best entitled to our help and kindness are those who stand in the most need of it!"


Archdeacon William Paley

Spending two years at Giggleswick immensely enhanced my education, from the sporting, musical and academic elements, to the bonds made through teachers, tutors and peers, of which I still recognise the benefits today. Giggleswick 'opened doors' for me, enabled through the all-rounder scholarship and bursary for sixth-form entry. I look back fondly on my days at Gigg’, with every minute seemingly filled by one activity or another. The experiences on offer, in outstanding facilities, were second to none.  I feel very fortunate to have had the chance to spend two years at Giggleswick, a school on our doorstep growing up, as there's no doubt that it made a very positive impact upon my life. I look forward to being involved in the school in years to come, and hope that I may be able to help students in the future, as I was helped myself."


Lucy, Style 2009

When I first attended Giggleswick, I was a world away from the person that I have become. I can freely admit that I was a young man with some behavioural issues; mild ADHD meant that focusing was difficult, it was easy to become frustrated and lose faith in my ability. I can wholeheartedly say that but for Giggleswick, the support and pastoral care I received, I would have fallen by the wayside. At Giggleswick I was supported every step of the way, gaining confidence in everything I did. My energy was channelled through intense participation in sports, and through the school band and chapel choir.  This combined with small class sizes, round the clock support from staff  meant that I could grow into the person I have become.


I am proud to say that as a result of this value added, and the confidence gained through my time at Giggleswick I was able to go onto higher education at a Russell Group University. I then went to study the Bar, and qualified as a barrister in 2017. I can say with complete certainty that without Giggleswick I never would have  been able to reach my potential."


Charles, Paley 2010


The Changing Lives Bursary Campaign  

  • A Bursary is financial support offered to a pupil to assist with School fees.  

  • A Bursary can help children from every walk of life achieve extraordinary things, which we have done for over five centuries.

  • If we achieve our goals, children from the widest range of backgrounds will receive the education that so many Old Giggleswickians have enjoyed, an education that might well change their lives.

  • Our objective is to educate young people in the unique setting that the school can provide and enable them to achieve their full potential whilst inspiring other students in the same way.

  • The Changing Lives Bursary fund can be used to enable the education of those who would not otherwise be able to benefit from the opportunities that we can offer, and to enhance scholarship awards with means-tested bursaries so that we can accept children whatever their families' means.  


How can you help?

Our resources are understandably limited and every year young people, who could have enjoyed a Giggleswick education have to be denied such an opportunity by this limitation.

We are eager to continue to strengthen our community and to do this, we are asking for your support in sustaining the centuries-long generosity that has helped so many previous generations.

By making a regular or single gift at whatever level you can afford, you will help all pupils here at Giggleswick unlock their true potential and ensure that someone as yet unknown, does not miss out.


Subscribe to the Changing Lives fund - Monthly or annual donations carry the added benefit of 25% gift aid for UK tax payers.


Support the Annual Fund - Our Annual Fund always includes a bursary specific component and you can specify that in subscribing to and supporting the activities of the Annual fund.


Endow a place - A single place at £70,000 (day) or £200,000 (full boarding) over 7 years (see taxation incentives).