Spiritual Development

Giggleswick Junior School has a strong Christian ethos. Weekly assemblies take place, led by the Head, which cover specific ‘values for life’ devised by the Church of England, these link to our pastoral curriculum which supports the school's core values of participation, respect and ambition. This is further supported by the school’s own Chaplain, Reverend Alex Ladds, who has responsibility for our regular Chapel services and takes the lead in encouraging our pupils to explore spiritual issues. Our Chaplain runs a popular weekly Christian club, ‘Air’ to explore these matters further.


Through the Chaplain, the school organises a number of services for all pupils throughout the year, at our chapel. These include: Harvest, Crib Service, Carol Service, ‘Foot Washing’ Service and end of year services, which involve music and readings led by pupils.


Spiritual development is explored further via our RE sessions (Year 1 to 6) as part of our Humanities programmes of study, weekly PSHCEe lessons, and our weekly Philosophy for Children session, which explores ‘Big Questions’ and encourages reflective thinking. The school promotes Fundamental British Values, and pupils learn about diversity and to celebrate different faiths and cultures.