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Thank you for enquiring about giving to Giggleswick School. If you would like to speak to someone about making a gift, please fill in the form below.


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Accordion Give Online

Through the support of our partners at WisePay you can make an electronic gift to the Giggleswick School Foundation by clicking on the donate now button above. Please also remember that we can claim tax relief on your donation if you have completed a Gift Aid form and lodged this with the School. 


Download our Gift Aid form here.

Accordion Regular Giving

Making a regular gift to Giggleswick School is a fantastic way to support the School. Over three years a gift of £25 a month is worth well over £1,000 to the School.  This means that, with your help, we can build world-class facilities for future generations of pupils.


Thank you for considering making a regular gift; your support is very much appreciated. Our gift form and direct debit form are available to download.

Accordion Annual Fund

Our Annual Fund identifies key projects for which we are looking for support. Over the years, OGs, parents and friends have been wonderfully generous in their support of the Annual Fund. Each year, projects are carefully chosen which support each pupil in becoming a true Giggleswick Learner: curious, skilled, aware, creative, pro-active, passionate, resilient, assured.


Read more about our Annual Fund.

Accordion Bursaries

This is not just about numbers; it is about young people and their futures. It is about the school helping children from every walk of life achieve extraordinary things, which we have done for five centuries. If we achieve our goals, children from the widest range of backgrounds will receive the education that so many Old Giggleswickians have enjoyed, an education that might well change their lives.


Our resources are understandably limited and every year young people, who could have enjoyed a Giggleswick education have to be denied such an opportunity by this limitation. We are eager to continue to strengthen our community and to do this, we are asking for your support in sustaining the centuries-long generosity that has helped so many previous generations. By making a regular or single gift at whatever level you can afford, you will help all pupils here at Giggleswick unlock their true potential and ensure that someone as yet unknown, does not miss out.


Read more about Bursaries

Accordion Leaving a Legacy

A gift in your Will - your lasting gift to Giggleswick.


You could make a difference to future generations who will benefit from Giggleswick, by leaving a gift to Giggleswick School. All gifts in Wills directly support work that cares for and enhances our pupil’s lives. Many choose to support bursaries through their legacy, others it is sport, music and drama, or the boarding life of the school. The choice is yours. 


Read more about legacies.

Accordion Gifts in Memory

Giving to Giggleswick School in memory of a friend, relative or former staff member ensures a lasting memory while helping future generations of pupils.

Gifts in memory of a teacher, friend or relative

If you would like to make a donation in memory of a loved one, many funeral directors will be able to arrange a collection for you and forward donations directly to Giggleswick School.  Alternatively you may wish to ask friends or relatives to make a donation directly to us. Either way we will be incredibly grateful.

Gifts in celebration of a special occasion

Some of our supporters have asked for gifts to be made to Giggleswick School, in lieu of receiving personal gifts for a birthday, wedding, or anniversary.  This is a wonderful way to support Giggleswick School, and introduce the School to friends and family.

Whatever your reason for giving, Giggleswick School will send a thank you letter to each supporter, following their gift.  We ask each supporter to make their gift tax effective through the Gift Aid scheme.  In addition, we will provide you with a complete list of donations received in memoriam, should you wish to send your own personal acknowledgement.

Accordion Share Giving

Due to changes in the law, giving shares, securities and investments has become an attractive, mutually beneficial way for individuals and companies to support Giggleswick School. We have had a number of gifts made in this way.


Whilst Giggleswick School can give general information relating to the tax relief on donating shares, we are not qualified to offer financial advice. If you have questions about your personal situation, please contact your financial advisor.

Accordion Gifts from the USA

In order for supporters from the USA to make tax effective gifts to Giggleswick School, we have joined the British Schools and Universities Foundation Inc. This body represents over a hundred UK and Commonwealth institutions and enables you to claim an income tax deduction alongside your gift to the School. There is specific advice on making a gift from the USA but it is very safe and quite straightforward. Please click here to visit the BSUF website and click here to download a donor form should you wish to make your donation via check.

Donor Enquiry Form

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