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Accordion Hill and Mountain Skills
Walking in the hills can be an exciting but daunting prospect if you have never done it before. To stay safe and enjoy your time on the hill you will benefit from some basic skills and expertise to support you on your way. The Hill & Mountain Skills courses are designed to give you just that. They aim to equip you with basic knowledge and safety skills, increasing your confidence to participate in more hill and mountain walking in your own time.
People hill walk for many reasons, but a significant motivating factor is the sense of freedom that you gain from exploring the great outdoors. Discovering new places and challenging yourself adds to the whole experience and within the UK and Ireland there are vast areas to explore and enjoy.
The Hill & Mountain Skills courses are nationally accredited and developed by Mountain Training. The courses are widely available through our network of course providers. The courses are delivered by our approved course tutors, who are all experienced Mountain Training award holders and work on behalf of the course provider.
Which course is for me?
There are two courses as part of the scheme: Hill Skills and Mountain Skills. Both are open to anyone aged 12 or over.
Hill Skills
The Hill Skills course is your key to getting started in countryside walking. There is no experience of hill walking required to attend a Hill Skills course because the content of the course is aimed at beginners. If you do have some experience of hill walking but aren’t confident about planning walks, navigating and understanding the equipment required, then the Hill Skills course is an ideal way to learn.
Mountain Skills
The Mountain Skills course is an ideal choice for walkers interested in transferring their walking skills to steep, remote or more mountainous terrain. Ideally, participants will have some basic hill walking experience and have a reasonable level of fitness. Courses are run in the higher mountain areas of the UK and Ireland.
The prerequisites for registration are as follows: 
  • You must be at least 12 years old (no previous experience required)
To equip you with the knowledge & awareness to plan your own journey
Competent in planning and carrying out your own hill or mountain journey (not a leadership award)
2 days - bespoke
£100 (non residential)
Accordion National Navigation Award Scheme (NNAS) (Bronze-Gold)
The National Navigation Award Scheme (NNAS) is a personal performance, non-competitive, incentive scheme for all ages to learn navigation skills and gain confidence to get out and enjoy the countryside.  
The Bronze National Navigation Award is a practical hands-on award. It is aimed at people with no navigation experience whether you are new to the outdoors or have been relying on others, guidebooks or easy well-defined routes. 
It is also the starting point for many Duke of Edinburgh students, scouts and guides and cadets who are looking to develop their outdoor skills. NNAS Bronze award is accredited by the Scottish Credit & Qualifications Framework (SCQF) at Level 4, and 2 SCQF credit points are awarded on completion. (See FAQs for more
The syllabus of the Bronze National Navigation Award teaches navigation in the countryside using paths tracks and other linear features. Basic map interpretation and compass work is also included. 
The Silver National Navigation Award develops the navigation skills acquired at the Bronze level. It adds skills required to navigate to features and places some distance from paths and tracks. It teaches accurate compass work. It will also teach you to select the suitable navigational techniques to cross open country. 
Silver National Navigation Award courses are taught in areas with access to open country and involve periods where you’ll be navigating away from paths and tracks. 
The Gold National Navigation Award builds on the skills acquired at the Bronze and Silver levels and adds techniques and skills for dealing with complex contour features both large and small. 
The Gold National Navigation Award is delivered in two parts with separate Training and Assessment courses giving you ample time to practice. 
Gold courses are run by tutors who not only have plenty of top level navigation experience but also have been on a special NNAS-run course in tutoring Gold courses.
The prerequisites for registration are as follows: 
  • Bronze - No previous experience required
  • Silver - Some previous experience required
  • Gold - Must be experienced
Learn the finer and more detailed aspects of navigation using a map and compass
A Nationally recognised certificate of competence (not a leadership award)
Instructors (s)
1 day - bespoke
Training and Assessment - 2 days (non residential) - £80pp
Training and Assessment  - 2 days (non residential) - £100pp
Training - 2 days (non residential) - £120pp
Assessment - 1 day (non residential) - £100
Accordion Guided Days
Who is it for?
Anyone who wants to push their limits and try something different involving climbing, walking, scrambling and mountaineering.
3 Peaks? Striding Edge? What is your goal?
Achieve, accomplish and learn.
Instructors (s)
Depends on ratios and the season. From £200 per day.