For maximum impact, particularly for the A level subjects, students are advised to concentrate on one subject for the duration of its availability. It is possible to combine subjects but we ask that a maximum of one subject is studied each day.


When booking, please select the days and subjects you wish to study to create a revision course programme. Please also use the notes section on the online booking form to highlight any particular topic preferences. If you require advise when choosing the right course combination please contact us via email enquiries@giggleswick.org.uk or telephone on 01729 893118 and we will be happy to assist.


Course costs

Number of Days Total Cost
1 day £130
2 days £250
3 days £360
4 days £460
5 days £550
6 days £630

Residential options

Residential Options Cost
Residential per night (single night) £60
Residential per night (two-night stay) £50 per night