Assessment & Reports

Pupil Progress Reports (PPRs)

Pupils have a pupil progress report in each subject at regular intervals through the academic year and parents are able to access them via the online Parent Portal. Each report includes an Attitude to Learning grade and a Progress indicator. This will indicate their current grade or level measured against their end of year target. It will also indicate the end of stage KS3, KS4 (GCSE), or KS5 (A level/BTEC) grades. Attitude to learning scores assess a number of attributes including a pupil's engagement in a lesson, quality of homework, meeting of homework deadlines, response to feedback and organisation.


Pupils review their progress reports with their Tutor and through self-assessment and discussion are expected to reflect upon the scores achieved and the teacher comments that have been made. From this they produce a short written response, setting their own targets and personal goals on which they will focus before the next report.


Personal Development Review (PDR)

The Personal Development Review (PDR) is a holistic view of the pupil and its focus is personal development. A report is made available for parents twice a year, which contains a report from each pupil's Tutor and his or her Housemaster or Housemistress and the Headmaster. As with the PPR, each pupil writes a self-assessment comment and sets personal targets for the next review period.


Target Grades

Pupils are given a target grade or level in each subject, which are based on KS2 results/CAT scores and/or the raw ability data obtained from baseline tests pupil take on entry to the school and each key academic stage: MidYIS (Year 7 or Year 9); YELLIS (Year 10); or ALIS (Lower Sixth form).