Boarding & Day

At Giggleswick we enjoy a well balanced mix of full boarders, flexi boarders and day pupils which means that your child will make friends with children from the local area as well as from across the country and around the world. They all share a close sense of community with the House system forming a central hub of life, activities and pastoral care.   


As a modern boarding and day school we offer a wide range of options tailored to fit the needs, lifestyles and budgets of families based locally, nationally and internationally. You can choose to be a day pupil, a full boarder, 3 or 5-night flexi boarder or board occasionally if there is an activity in school that’s not to be missed.    


All pupils benefit from our extended day with lessons and activities running from 08:40 to 18:15 and a full school day on Saturday's too, providing plenty of time to take part and get fully immersed in everything Giggleswick has to offer.


With our own fleet of minibuses we provide a daily bus service for day and flexi boarders with eight separate services covering an area up to 50 minutes drive-time from the school. We also offer train and airport pick-ups for our international pupils and UK-based full boarders.

Accordion Full Boarding
For some families, especially those who live abroad, or whose jobs require frequent moves, boarding is an excellent way of ensuring that children have a secure and uninterrupted education. With our experienced team of House staff we create a home away from home for full boarders joining us from across the UK or overseas. 
Accordion 3-night Flexi Boarding
We understand that many of our parents have busy work schedules and find it difficult to be home every evening. The option to stay at school for 3 nights a week is an increasingly popular one with our locally based families who really appreciate the flexibility this provides. It also gives pupils extra time at school to take part in additional rehearsals, sports fixtures and social occasions with friends. It's a great way to ease gently into full boarding as well.
Accordion 5-night Flexi Boarding
Five-night flexi boarding is an extension of our three-night flexi boarding offering and allows children to stay at school for five nights a week, enjoying all the benefits of our full boarding provision but allowing them to go home on two nights a week.
Accordion Day
Day pupils at Giggleswick are able to enjoy all the benefits of being part of a boarding school and are completely integrated into the House system. All day pupils have their own desk and study space in the House, arriving each day for registration at 8:15am and leaving at 6:15pm after tea, homework (Prep) and activities. A daily bus service is also available for pupils living up to 50 minutes from the school.
We also offer occasional boarding beds for day pupils, space permitting, when trips return late at night or depart in the early morning for example.  It can also be very helpful for parents if their child is able to stay for the occasional night to accommodate family work and travel commitments. We cannot however guarantee a regular slot each week.