Forces Bursaries

Giggleswick has a long history of supporting Forces’ families. If a CEA allowance is awarded by the MOD, the School will provide a generous additional Forces Bursary discount, which means that the only amount payable by the family is 10% of the school fee (minimum parental contribution permissible under MOD CEA rules).


Giggleswick is a popular choice among Forces families with our strong boarding ethos offering a stable, healthy, supportive and friendly environment for children from the ages of 9 through to 18. Over 62% of our pupils are boarders and everyone attends school on Saturday with lessons in the morning and team sports and clubs in the afternoon. We also have a full programme of activities on Sunday, including regular trips and visits out of school.

The School is within easy reach of the major bases across the North with excellent road and rail links, and Manchester and Leeds Bradford airports are easily accessible


What is Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA)?

Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA) is offered to assist Service families in maintaining continuity of education for their children which would otherwise be denied due to the movement of their family as a consequence of their assignments and posts. Some parents believe that boarding schools offer the most stable approach to their child’s education, and in most cases, they will be entitled to CEA (also known as Children’s Education Allowance).


Fees for familes entitled to CEA for 2018/19 can be calculated as follows:

  Y5 & 6 Y7 & 8 Y9-11 Sixth Form
Fee £7,400.00 £8,300.00 £11,000.00 £11,500.00
Forces Bursary (paid by Giggleswick School) £761.10 nil £2,302.22 £2,802.22
Net Fee £6,632.22 £8,300.00 £8,697.22 £8,697.78
CEA (paid by Government) £5,969.00 £7,828.00 £7,828.00 £7,828.00
Parental 10% contribution £663.22 £830.00 £869.78 £869.78