The House system is at the heart of Giggleswick life.  There are seven Houses, including a junior House for boys and girls in Years 7 and 8  (Catteral) and, for pupils in Y9 to U6 (Y13), there are two large girls' Houses (Carr and Style) and four smaller Houses for boys (Morrison, Nowell, Paley and Shute). Each House has a well-balanced mixture of day, flexi and full boarders. All pupils are well integrated and day pupils have their own desk and work space in the House alongside the boarders.


The School is renowned for its excellent pastoral care and all pupils enjoy the care of our experienced House team. Each House has a Housemaster or Housemistress who supervises all aspects of House life within a caring, disciplined framework, and a Matron responsible for the day-to-day welfare and health of the children. There is also a (live-in) resident tutor and a team of teaching staff allocated to each to House to support the academic progress of each child. Our sixth formers enjoy taking on positions of responsibility within the House too, acting as mentors for younger children and supporting the daily duties involved in a busy boarding community. 



Carr Housemistress - Mrs Hannah Wright
Carr is one of two girls boarding Houses for pupils in Y9 to U6. Carr is unique amongst the boarding Houses as it comprises five buildings: the Green, the Annexe, Brookside, The Cottage and Music Cottages. It is located in front of the Senior School’s main building and near to Holywell Toft, the Headmaster’s house. It is named after James Carr, the founder of the School, and became a girls’ house in the 1980s.


Catteral Housemistress - Mrs Christine Gemmell
Catteral is the Year 7 and 8 House for both boys and girls and is also the Junior Boarding House for pupils in Year 5 and 6. It is located on site, between the Dining Hall and Junior School. There are three tutor groups in Catteral, Bowland, Craven and Malham. Each morning, all pupils meet with their tutor groups for registration. This provides an opportunity for children to catch up with their tutor, receive guidance on day to day organisation and get help with any issues or questions they may have. Catteral shares the pastoral and academic ethos of the other Houses, but addresses the needs of younger children with appropriate activities and levels of supervision.


Morrison Housemaster - Mr James Giles
Morrison is one of the four boys boarding Houses for pupils in Y9 to U6. Morrison is located on Raines Road just a short walk from the main Senior School building. The House was built in the 1960's and is named after Walter Morrison who provided the funds for the building of the School Chapel. Morrison has its own special identity, and despite being the smallest House in terms of numbers, is proud of its many successes in House events.


Nowell Housemaster - Mr Andrew Galley
Nowell is one of the four boys boarding Houses for pupils in Y9 to U6. Nowell is located in a commanding position at the heart of the school, overlooking ‘The Flat’. It is part of the main Senior School building built in 1874 and was extensively refurbished in the 1990s. The House is named after John Nowell, vicar of Giggleswick from 1548 to 1558, who petitioned Edward VI to grant the School a charter in 1553. The House has an excellent reputation for academic achievement, music and drama.


Paley Housemaster - Mr John Western
Paley is one of the four boys boarding Houses for pupils in Y9 to U6. Paley is found in the main Senior School building and uses a Grade 2 listed staircase as its main entrance. The House is named after William Paley, who was the Headmaster of the Free Grammar School at Giggleswick for 54 years until his death in 1799. He is represented in one of the stained glass windows in the Chapel. His more famous son, Dr William Paley, was educated at Giggleswick and wrote in 1794 a celebrated "View of the Evidences of Christianity" which put him firmly among the all time 'greats' of Theology. Paley has one of the best collections of House photographs at Giggleswick, dating back to the House's formation in 1915.


Shute Housemaster - Mr Peter Keron
Shute is one of the four boys boarding Houses for pupils in Y9 to U6. Shute is located at the northern end of the Senior School building next to the bursary. It was built in 1907 with later additions in the 1970s. Shute was named after Josias Shute (1548-1626), Old Giggleswickian and theological scholar. His father was Vicar of Giggleswick and also Headmaster of Giggleswick from 1615-1619. He bequeathed Eshton’s to the School, where the all weather pitch is now located. As it is the nearest House to the swimming pool and gym as well as the golf course, many of the boys like to spend time exercising and playing a few holes on summer evenings.


Style Housemistress - Mrs Emma Watambwa
Style is one of two girls boarding Houses for pupils in Y9 to U6. Style is named after the eminent Headmaster George Style. It is situated on Raines Road, within its own attractive grounds, and is very close to all school amenities. Style was founded in the 1930s as Giggleswick's prep school before the purchase of Catteral Hall, and then became a boys’ boarding House until the late 1980s. The House underwent a major refurbishment in 1997 with the addition of new common rooms and a library. Style aims to provide a stimulating, safe and homely environment for teenage girls to grow towards adulthood.