Learning Support

At Giggleswick we embrace a breadth of ability and support each and every pupil to achieve the very best they can. We have a dedicated Learning Support team to provide professional assessments, personalised study programmes and in-class support for pupils with learning difficulties. 


Our Head of Learning Support, Jonathan Curry, is qualified to conduct assessments to determine a child’s additional needs and we have specialist teaching assistants to support pupils in the classroom. We look at each child on a case by case basis and parents are encouraged to speak openly to us about their child’s learning difficulties. 


Our teachers have experience of differentiating work for those with learning difficulties, using structured multi-sensory teaching programmes and by teaching study skills, organisation and revision skills. We also offer curriculum support or specific English teaching for students who speak English as an additional language.

Accordion Key Stage 3 (Years 7 – 9)
Children in these year groups with additional needs usually forgo a foreign language in order to participate in small group work led by the Head of Learning Support or a Higher Level Teaching Assistant. This work focuses mainly on literacy, such as improving spelling, reading, and writing skills. For some years it is also appropriate to focus work on development of numeracy skills.
Accordion Key Stage 4 and 5 (Year 10 upwards)
At this age, a child’s needs become more specific and we set individual goals, which may include recommendations for individual, additional lessons. This does not mean, however, that the child will be the only one in his or her age group who needs additional support and we continue to offer in-class support as well as clubs and trips for children who are experiencing learning difficulties. We also ensure that all pupils, no matter their requirements, are well integrated with House life and their peers.
The school has experience of supporting a wide-range of Access Arrangements at GCSE and A Level, such as extra-time or word-processing. Assessments for extra-time are usually completed within school in Year 9/10 and are completed by the Head of Learning Support at no additional cost. 
Accordion English as an Additional Language
Our English as Additional Language (EAL) programme is run by our International Student Counseller, Mrs Debbie Taylor, who is also a Languages Teacher. EAL pupils are fully integrated into the life of the school and this begins with additional pastoral support from the moment an EAL pupil arrives. In Year 10 and 11 pupils will work towards an English qualification progressing onto IELTS assessment in the sixth form. This is an internationally recognised qualification needed to access university in any English-speaking country.
Accordion Head of Learning Support - Jonathan Curry
Mr Curry is a specialist dyslexia teacher with a Postgraduate Certificate in SpLD from the University of Central Lancashire. He worked for five years in a busy Learning Support Department in a comprehensive school in Lancashire and has extensive knowledge of dyslexia and moderate learning difficulties. He is currently a House Tutor within one of the boy’s boarding houses, teaches A Level Chemistry and provides in-class support for pupils in year 10 to 13. In his spare time he is a passionate road cyclist and keen hillwalker.
Accordion Our teachers of individual lessons
Mrs Rosie Haynes
Mrs Haynes started her teaching career by teaching English, typing and Business Studies in Papua New Guinea from 1974 until 1982. She then taught in Oman for two and a half years before returning to the UK, where she has worked with many different age groups. These have included overseas students and ethnic minority groups for whom English is an additional language. She has a PGCE (Primary), and MA in Linguistics for ELT and a variety of certificates and diplomas including multicultural education.
Mrs Nicola Redfearn
In 2012, Mrs Redfearn completed a PGCE in Primary Education at the University of Cumbria, following a 15 year career in the chemical industry where she worked as a Chemical Engineer, specialising in projects and health and safety. She developed her teaching experience in several primary schools in the Craven area before moving to secondary education in January 2014, where she initially taught catch up English and maths classes to Year 7 students with special educational needs. Over time, her role developed into teaching English and maths to groups in both KS3 and KS4, and providing additional support to students with different learning needs.She joined the Learning Support Department at Giggleswick in September 2016. When she is not at work she enjoys spending time with family and friends, and taking part in outdoor activities including mountain biking, running, hiking and skiing. She is also a keen swimmer.