Sixth Form

Our sixth form programme prepares our students for a complex and rapidly-changing world, reaching beyond the curriculum to give them the very best start after school. Our aim is to provide each young person with the knowledge, skills and strength of character they need to go on and fulfil their dreams, whatever their goals and wherever they choose to forge their careers.


Our unique and engaging programme has been developed in consultation with universities and employers, focusing on what they believe are important qualities for success in higher education and in the workplace. We have also considered what parents and pupils have told us are important for them in developing assured independent individuals who are ready  to take on the exciting opportunities after school.


The programme is made up of three key components: Academic Curriculum, Extended Project Qualification and Co-curriculum (including super-curriculum, skills, communication, community).


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Accordion Academic Curriculum
A levels provide the core academic input for our sixth formers. We offer a range of subjects taught by subject specialists in small groups. A levels generally require a greater degree of independent learning than GCSEs and are more academically demanding. We expect the majority of those choosing A levels to achieve A*-C in their final examinations. Students take three A levels alongside our academic enrichment programme. 
We also recognise that there are many routes to achieving your ultimate ambition and for some this might mean a BTEC course is better suited. They are the best choice for people who prefer a more guided learning experience and ongoing assessment throughout the course. If you are considering going on to university you will normally be advised to take a suitable A level alongside your BTEC.
Accordion Co-curriculum
Just as important in developing your learning is a full and active engagement in the co-curriculum. We therefore expect all our sixth formers to participate in a number of enrichment programmes beyond the purely academic curriculum. We break these down into four key areas: Super-curriculum, Skills, Communication and Community.
Accordion Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)
The EPQ provides a great opportunity for students to develop some of their own independent research and enquiry skills. Such skills are important for study at university and many universities will see this as evidence of both your academic engagement and potential to adapt to learning in their environment. We therefore encourage all our A-level students to take an EPQ. It doesn't have to be in written essay style but can be presented in a creative form such as a film or piece of composition.